HR - On the threshold of global transormation

HR will change completely in Knorr-Bremse. New HR Operating model and implementation of new global system is ahead of us.

Changing the world of HR

The whole HR department in Knorr-Bremse is on the edge of a big transformation. We search for the best employees for our team. To manage this, it is necessary to have great communication processes between all interested parties.

Strategic HR management - not just operational

From recruitment to development - a wide scope of HR activities and communication awaits you. We have strong support from the top management, so we can move the things forward quickly and effectively.

Learn the best HR practices from colleagues across Europe

You will meet and consult with HR specialists from our various European plants. You will get lot of experience and overview of our HR operations.

"We will create great HR processes and show others how to make the most of them. HR enjoys the support of top management and is indeed a strategic discipline in our company."

Jana Nová – Head of HR

What talents are we looking for?

Process-oriented professionals

Do you enjoy working with numbers, process improvement, data management? Share your knowledge and put your expertize in global HR projects.

Focused on people

Are you language-skilled and do you like the communication with people? Find the way how to inspire them and open the new perspectives.

Explore your opportunities